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Dr Temt Herbal Toner Dr Temt Azulene Milk Dr Temt Azulene Toner
Dr.Temt Herbal Toner 8.4 Fl.OzDr.Temt Azulene Milk 8.4Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Azulene Toner 8.4 Fl.Oz

Toner with plant extracts

Bestseller - Gentle Cleansing Milk

Bestseller - Azulene Toner




Dr Temt Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene and Make Up Remover Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Mousse Cleanser Dr Temt Purity Clear Micellar Water
Dr.Temt Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene 8.4 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Instant Peeling 3.38 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Purity Clear Micellar Water 8.4 Fl.Oz

Watersoluble Oil Cleanser for all skin types

Gentle Peeling  

Gentle Facial Cleanser & Toner for oily, combination skin




Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Mousse Cleanser Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Toner Dr Temt Glycocid Gel Cleanser 6%
Dr.Temt Mousse Cleanser 3.38 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Anti-Aging Advanced Toner 8.4 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Glycocid Gel Cleanser 10 % 3.3 Fl.Oz

Foam cleanser for all skin types

Gentle Toner for normal,dry,mature skin

Foaming Gel Cleanser 




Dr Temt Purity Clear Foaming Wash Dr Temt Sericin Hydro Toner Dr Temt Sericin Hydro Cleansing Emulsion
Dr.Temt Purity Clear Foaming Wash 8.4 Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Sericin Toner 8.4 Fl.OzDr.Temt Sericin Cleansing Emulsion 8.4 Fl.Oz

Gentle Foaming Wash for oily,combination, large pore skin

Gentle Toner maintaining skin's moisture

Milky cleanser which does not dry the skin