Dr.Temt Laboratories dates back to 1946.Dr. Temt products are made in Vienna/Austria and are available in leading clinics, spas and doctor`s offices in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company is a family business in which Dr. Temt personally oversees product development and quality control. All Dr. Temt products are made from the finest raw materials around the globe. 

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    Dr Temt Expert Eye Treatment Cream Dr Temt Vienna Eye and Lip Balm Dr Temt Herbal Toner
    Combinal Expert Eye Treatment Cream 0.5 fl.ozDr. Temt Vienna Eye and Lip Balm 0.5 fl.ozDr.Temt Herbal Toner 8.4 Fl.Oz

    Multi functional eye cream

    Multi functional eye cream

    Toner with plant extracts




    Dr Temt Anti Aging Advanced Ampoule Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Eye Care Dr Temt Anti Aging Advanced Ampoule
    Dr.Temt Anti Aging Advanced Ampoules 7 x 2mlDr.Temt Anti-Aging Advanced Eye Care 3.3 Fl.OzDr.Temt Collagen Ampoule 7 x 2ml

    Concentrated Serum


    Rich Texture Eye Cream 3.3 fl.oz

    Concentrated Serum





    Dr Temt Anti Aging Advanced Ampoule Dr Temt Hydro Complex Ampul Dr Temt Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene and Make Up Remover
    Dr.Temt Collagen Management Lift Contour Ampoule 7 x 2mlDr.Temt Hydro Complex Ampoules 7 x 2mlDr.Temt Hydrophilic Oil with Azulene 8.4 Fl.Oz

    Concentrated Serum


    Concentrated Serum


    Watersoluble Oil Cleanser for all skin types




    Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Mousse Cleanser TEMT C THE DIFFERENCE TRIPLE SERUM VITAMIN C and E Dr Temt Advanced Anti Aging Intensive Care
    Dr.Temt Instant Peeling 3.38 Fl.Oz TEMT C THE DIFFERENCE-Hyaluronic Triple+Vit C Serum 1.01 Fl.OzDr.Temt Anti-Aging Advanced Intensive Care 8.4 Fl.Oz

    Gentle Peeling  

    Lightweight Hyaluronic Serum with Vitamin C+E


    Regenerating Rich Cream for Face,Neck & Decollete




    Dr Temt Azulene Milk Dr Temt Azulene Toner Dr Temt Collagen Management Cream
    Dr.Temt Azulene Milk 8.4Fl.Oz Dr.Temt Azulene Toner 8.4 Fl.OzDr.Temt Collagen Management Contour Lift Cream 1.69 fl.oz

    Bestseller - Gentle Cleansing Milk

    Bestseller - Azulene Toner

    A universal cream which helps to define facial contour.




    Dr Temt Collagen Management Serum Dr Temt Elience Age Defense Dr Temt Elience Age Defense
    Dr.Temt Collagen Management Contour Lift Serum 1 fl.ozDr.Temt Elience Age Defense Day Cream 1.69 fl.ozDr.Temt Elience Age Defense Eye Cream 0.5 fl.oz

    Intensive serum containing Peptides

    Light day cream to fight photo-aging.

    Light textured eye cream to fight photo-aging.




    Dr Temt Moisturizing Cream with Epidermin Dr Temt Collagen Mask
    Dr.Temt Moisture Cream with Epidermin 1.69 Fl.OzDr.Temt Moisture Cream with Epidermin 8.4 Fl.OzDr.Temt Collagen Mask 3.3 Fl.Oz

    Rich textured cream for Face,Neck & Decollete

    Rich textured cream for Face,Neck & Decollete

    Exquisite cream mask for a fresher,vibrant look





    Dr Temt Intensive Collagen Serum plus C Dr Temt Sericin Hydro Complex Cream Dr Temt Sericin Hydro Toner
    Dr.Temt Collagen Plus Serum 1 Fl.OzDr.Temt Hydro Complex 24 h Soft Ceam 1.7 Fl.OzDr.Temt Sericin Toner 8.4 Fl.Oz

    Lightweight Serum containing Plant Collagen


    Hydrating Cream-Gel helps replenishing skin's moisture

    Gentle Toner maintaining skin's moisture