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Business Woman Glowing Kit

We have created a quick beauty care routine for the business woman on the go. 

4 Beauty Product Business Woman Kit contains the following products for glowing skin: 

*Mousse Cleanser
3.3 fl. oz. – tube

*Combinal Expert Eye Treatment
0.5 fl. oz. – jar

*Collagen Management Lift Contour Cream
1.69 fl. oz. – jar

*Me Time Firming Sheet Mask
box of 4

Sample of Ultra Tint Daily Defense SPF 30
0.25 fl.oz. – jar



How to use a.m. & p.m.:

STEP 1: Cleanse 
Mousse Cleanser
Apply an almond size amount to damp skin,
gently massage onto the face, and cleanse in a circular motion,
remove with lukewarm water.

STEP 2: Eye Care
Combinal Expert Eye Treatment
Apply a pea size for both eyes by gently tapping the product
around the eye area with a feather-light touch.

STEP 3: Moisturize 
Collagen Management Lift Contour Cream
Apply a small amount to the face, neck, and decollete and gently
massage until absorbed.

Apply Ultra Tint Daily Defense SPF 30
over Collagen Management
Lift Contour Cream for a natural glowing appearance of the skin.
Reapply as needed.

Apply the
Me Time Firming Sheet Mask
weekly, or before a business meeting, or before an evening out,
or whenever you would like to pamper yourself.
Cleanse your skin, open the pouch, unfold the mask, apply, remove after
15 – 20 min, massage the remaining mask into the skin, let absorb.
If needed, apply a small amount of Collagen Management Lift Contour Cream,
and/or Ultra Tint Daily Defense SPF30 during the daytime.