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ME TIME Firming Sheet Mask


Single-use mask – paper-thin mask with free eyes, nose, and mouth areas. It also has an attachment for the chin area.

Designed to provide a quick boost of antioxidants to hydrate the skin for a firmer look. This pre-dosed mask with Collagen and Vitamin E helps the skin look more soft and supple. The formula with Vitamin E and Marine Collagen supports the skin in replenishing its natural hydration.

It supports the skin to replenish moisture.
It helps the skin’s appearance to look soft and supple.


As a single-use mask, take a little care when removing it from the packaging to get the most serum results. After cleansing, treat yourself to a nice rush to the face with this pre-dosed paper-thin mask with free eyes, nose, and mouth areas. Lay the mask gently over the face patting it into the skin to sit perfectly across all your contours. Firmly secure the mask using the two loops for either ear. After 15-20 minutes, slowly peel the mask away from the face. Softly rub the remaining mask into the skin until your skin has absorbed every last molecule. Follow up with your favored moisturizer.  

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Marine Collagen: (Marine Collagen – moisturizing properties), Vitamin E: (D-tocopherol is a natural antioxidant derived from plant oils like soybean and rapeseed oils)


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