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Silky Skin Set

We have created a pampering kit for the NEW MOM.

New Mom Glowing Kit contains the following products: 

*Azulene Milk
8.4 fl. oz. – pump bottle

*Sericin Eye Cream
0.5 fl. oz. – jar

*Sericin Day Cream 
1.69 fl. oz. – tube

Sample of Ultra Tint Daily Defense SPF 30
0.25 fl.oz. – jar



How to use a.m. & p.m.:

STEP 1: 
Azulene Milk
Apply morning and evening to damp skin, gently cleanse in
a circular motion, and remove with lukewarm water.

Sericin Day Cream
Apply an almond size of Sericin Day Cream a.m. & p.m.,
massage gently in and let absord.

Sericin Eye Cream 
Apply a pea size for both eyes of the W.O.W.
Eye Cream by gently tapping the product around
the eye area with a feather-light touch.

STEP 4 a.m.
apply Ultra Tint Daily Defense SPF 30
Reapply as needed.