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SuperCycle TEMT Shampoo 16.9 Fl.Oz.


Moisturize your hair with our lavender and rosemary-scented shampoo. Made with natural sugars from wood and sea plants, it is a high-performance shampoo that boosts all hair types with shine and deep moisture.

Made for all kinds of hair types, TEMT Shampoo features the agent Xylishine™, which is made to help revive and regenerate hair from over-styling and regular washing. Hair becomes brittle or extra greasy when washed daily – TEMT Shampoo helps calm and strengthen the hair from the roots.

Free of Paraben, Silicone, Mineral oils


Depending on your hair length, add a healthy amount of TEMT Shampoo to lather up from the scalp into the ends of your hair. Massage rigorously but gently into the scalp while working longer hair into a lather. Wash entirely until the water runs clear, then repeat the process until the hair feels fresh.



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16.9 Fl. Oz./500 ml Pump Bottle