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Macadamia Oil Ampoule


For Dry and Mature Skin – Oil Ampoule

Highly absorbent with great moisturizing properties.
It leaves the skin smooth and velvety.

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Step 1:
Cleanse your face & neck with your favorite Dr.TEMT Cleanser, followed by your favorite Dr.TEMT Toner.

Step 2:
Apply the ampoule to the face and neck. Gently pat it in until absorbed.

  •  Use it as an intense treatment at night for 7 days. Repeat every month.
  •  Once a week at night for 7 weeks.

Use immediately after opening.
Use one vial per treatment.
Read our FAQ for How to open a Dr. Temt ampoule?

Step 3:
Follow with your favorite Dr.TEMT moisturizer.

Additional information

Key Ingredients

Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Aquaderm, Glycerin


box of 7 x 2ml